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SmartHome Tec

Controlling your home from anywhere is, literally, at your fingertips. The future is (always) right around the corner. We are here to help guide the way. From garage door monitoring to lighting to window shades to sprinkler system control, we can help you remote into every aspect of your home, making it the smartest home on the block at affordable prices. Imagine dimming the lights, adjusting the window shades, adjusting the room temperature and monitoring the internal cooking temperature of the food in your oven, all without leaving the couch.

There are various claims of easy-installations in the growing world of smart homes but don’t be fooled. The reality is many consumers want and need help installing the next generation smart home products and devices. We are here to help with proper product installation and support.

Smart Home technology is the most efficient way of enjoying your home while being SMART, help saving you time and money. It’s not just for the mega mansion consumer or high-end hotels any longer, smart home tech is affordable for everyone these days. Call us and we will help you create your wittyabode!

Some of the SMART Home services we offer:

Phone and tablet

  • Wireless (WiFi) Specialists
  • Garage Door Monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Control
  • A/C – Thermostat Control
  • Automated Lock Control
  • Water Management

  • Sprinkler System Control
  • Window Shade Control
  • CCTV Surveillance Video Monitoring
  • Whole Home Audio Control
  • Kitchen and Cooking Monitoring
  • SMART Kitchens

A few of the products we utilize:

Logitech Harmony®


Philips Hue®

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